Rebranding the “Pit Nutter”


It has been quite some time since I last wrote. The “Pit Bull” debate is one that has many views and opinions. There are three sides to this – the people who defend these dogs, a large middle section who have no opinion either way, and a very small group of people who will go out of their way to hate this type of dog and the people who love them. I have written about two of them before in a blog called “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” They call us “Pit Nutters,” and mock us for sharing our homes with Pit Bull type dogs.  This post is for all of you that pretend to not see the reality of what Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is/does, and are so callous to attack good hearted people who stick up for the most abused type of dog on the planet. You are the definition of what “Pit Bull” means to you. To quote William Shakespeare “In time we hate that which we often fear.” Don’t hate…, educate.

May I have your attention please? Will the real “Pit Nutter” please stand up? …I repeat, will the real “Pit Nutter” please stand up?
You act like you never seen a dog before.
What are you parading around like you have the cure for?
Instead you’re the infection that created the sore.
Thought the goal was to not get bit anymore.
Shut up and sit down, it’s time to settle the score.
Twelve members…and growing strong (yeah right!).
What exactly is your area of expertise, DogsBite?
Your witness was blind, he has no sight!
Couldn’t pick out a “Pit” at night, or broad daylight.
I’m through with you…done being polite.
Next up, what does the coward desire?
Hope you like heat; where you’re going there’s fire.
Bring your deoderant, you’re sure to perspire.
You belong where there’s required uniform attire.
Craven, you’re irrelevant, it just may be time to retire.
I’m not apologetic; quit calling me an apologist.
There’s help you can seek, someone called a psychologist.
The choir you preach to, the church doesn’t exist.
Look in the mirror; you’ll see who the propagandist is.
The more intelligent option is to cease and desist.
Using words like “chicanery.”
We’re all real impressed with your dictionary.
Ironically, you’re the one using trickery.
Better work on your delivery.
There’s millions of them that look just like this,
short hair like this,
Blocky head like this,
Bark, walk, and act like this.
Last up, I can’t believe what’s in that report…
I laughed so hard reading it; I nearly let out a snort.
The figures don’t add up, they seem a little short.
Archived news media is your only source of support.
Your whole plan is failing. Pull the lever to abort.
The similarity between your name and the word “merit,”
Begins and ends at the sound of it.
Think you know about dogs ’cause you stepped in their shit?
Huffing and puffing and throwing a fit.
Go ahead and pretend no other breed has bit.
We could be here day and night, there’s really no point to argue.
Not when I know your view is untrue.
That’s only supported by a few of you.
Acting like children, as you all normally do.
Pit Nutter is rebranded, bouncing off me, sticking to you like glue.


23 responses to “Rebranding the “Pit Nutter”

  1. Standing up proudly! I might be pushed down, but I will stand right back up, Proudly! My promise: I will protect the innocent and educate the ignorant.
    Shannon Bernestine

    • A pitnutter is a person who thinks their pitbull is special and won’t maul like others do (remember Darla Napora) and despite statistics to the contrary that they choose to deny and distort, they choose to keep this dog breed and dimiinish the plight of the humans and dogs mauled by these dogs. They also deny the horrific kill/breed cycle of pitbulls that makes dog fighters happy as pitbulls are so easy to hide.. By owning a pitbull pitnutters choose to gamble with the safety of others much like the drunk driver who chooses to drive.

      • The only people I’ve seen repeatedly wish for a child or person to be attacked by a dog are the crazy people who post online propaganda against pit bulls. I had to quit looking at their fb pages because their insanity is too deep to make any sense of. They post things like ‘I can’t wait to laugh when that pit owners’ child gets eaten by his pit bull’ and then whine about no one in their real life putting up with them, oblivious to the fact that their own actions are responsible for their lack of close friendships & family. Aggression? Not in a dog breed, but certainly in the type of human that lives off of hate. Karma is what bites most. Not dogs. You’d think they’d be smart enough to figure that out at some point.

  2. Thank you for this awesome poem! Also thank you for showing what a loon Craven is. That craven blog has been cited by so many of those nutty pittie haters as “factual information” that they have become a laughing riot to try and say that a blog is fact. Oh, and if we get them on that than they try and cite biased, opinionated site too. They are the farthest thing from the truth and so blinded and consumed with their ignorance and fear that they can’t even dig themselves out of all of their lies.

  3. I was attacked by a golden retriever when i was 4. I love all dogs, fear none and know first hand its not the breed its the way they were raised. My pit is sleeping by me right now I know I’m safe.

  4. I was attacked by a golden retriever when i was 4. I love all dogs, fear none and know first hand its not the breed its the way they were raised. My pit is sleeping by me right now I know I’m safe…

    • That’s funny. I have a dalmation and she will bite before my pit also. I think the owners of pits who attack people are the problem and not the animal. I love my blue pit and she is the sweetest lil thing. I do try and socialize her alot, how ever I do have the fear of someone trying to steal her and do horrible things with her. She is huge for 6 months and when people see her the first thing they say is she would make pretty babies. I am not interested in mating her, she is just a baby. I want her to grow up happy and playful and love all people and animals.

      • my first thought was also “please get her spayed.” You realize that greatly reduces the chance of anyone wanting to steal her, right? I didn’t think of that benefit at first, but it was pointed out to me at some point, so thought I would share. Even a dog used to fight is very limited in value if it can’t reproduce! Of course there are also major health benefits…greatly reduces the chance of cancer, especially in females spayed at a young age. I myself would never forgive myself if my dog developed cancer & I had not taken the opportunity to spay her as early as possible…I would feel I did not do everything in my power to allow my dog to have the longest, healthiest life possible.

      • Please don’t get your beautiful girl spayed at 6 months. She is too young at that point. Those hormones are there for a reason. I am not advocating breeding her, and anyway breeding at 6 months would be far too young as well. Please educate yourself about the health hazards associated with early spay/neuter.

      • Its all how you raise them. Just like humans. If you raise them to be ignorant … They will be ^^^

      • Amazing the kool-aid you Lynn-sheep are. Have no idea what you speak of. Just follow Colleen because she is the expert. Expert of laying out bullshit is all I see. But you clowns eat it and its gospel. Idiots in small numbers.

  5. These are the results of a thousand Pittbull bites

    A neck with bolts, “Nurse the pits eating him, check the pulse!”
    A pit who refused to respect adults

    Wore spiked harness taped frames and a freckled nose
    A corny lookin white pit, scrawny and always ornery

    Cause I was always sick of little kids pickin on me
    And I might snap, one day just like that

    I decided to strike back and every rip every kids face at shool

    Brain damage, ever since the day I was born
    Pits is what they used to say I was on
    They say I never knew which way I was goin
    But everywhere I go they keep playin my song
    Brain damage

  6. I currently don’t have a pit, but I have in the past and have fostered many. Most of them came from some pretty horrific circumstances and never ever have I felt threatened or worried that they might MAUL me. They are the sweetest most loyal dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I support the breed as I support all breeds. They are dogs. I’m so tired of ignorant haters acting as judge and jury…Looney above has probably never even met a bully breed. Stop spreading hate….it’s so much easier to love.

    • ❤ well said! I have fostered a few too that came from horrific conditions and they were the sweetest most mellow dogs I've ever had the pleasure of helping! Don't hate! Educate!

  7. I adopted my baby boy from the Orange County Pound about 5 years ago and as I was going over my adoption papers blasted on the paper was a word I didn’t expect to see “Confiscated”. As I questioned the lady that was finalizing my paperwork, Why was he confiscated? She replied I cant give you that information its considered Private. It wasn’t like I was asking who owned him before me. I brought home this amazing dog that Loved everyone, he was fearful of men in hoodies, I can only imagine what he went through before he came to our family. He really is my soul mate we just have this bond that No One can break. And he is Pit/Chow Mix, 2 of the so called most aggressive breeds mixed into One.

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